Due to their direct relation to development, as expressed through growth and employment rates, transport systems and civil infrastructure exhibit dynamic trends and, therefore, complex challenges. Presently, the limited resources available in most areas require focused management to serve increasing demand, whereas the pronounced lack of public funding leads to an exploitation trend of PPP/Concession schemes for major civil infrastructure components. At the same time, persistent urbanisation in most of the developing world leads to pressing needs of efficient urban space management and land use patterns in a number of large metropolitan areas. The prevailing use of road networks for passenger and freight transport intensifies air pollution / energy consumption and road accidents.

In this setting of complex needs, effort is put by designers, constructors and decision makers to form an integrated approach, utilising advances made in project financing; energy-efficient buildings / machinery; and supply chain management through containers’ use and freight villages’ establishment. This trend highlights the challenges of efficient infrastructure management, focused networks’ expansion and enhancement of Intermodality.

Having developed in-depth understanding of prevailing conditions in this modern environment, PGI has an active role in the identification and development of proper key drivers with potential to satisfy complex needs. This is emphatically demonstrated by an integrated range of services to public sector authorities and private sector enterprises.
Our services to enterprises of this sector extend to Strategy & Finance, including Corporate Strategy & Business Planning, Integrated Restructuring, Privatization Advisory and Corporate & Project Finance, as well as to Performance Improvement through Operations Improvement, Organizational Restructuring, Capacity Building, HR Management and Change Management. We are also covering our Clients’ ICT needs by providing ICT Strategy services, Architecture Design, Information & Systems Security, IT Programme / Project Management and selected IT solutions.