Change Program Management

Managing change is a critical task of any transformation program aiming to put recommended solutions into practice, while ensuring successful and sustainable transition from today’s reality to the desired end state.
PLANET has deep expertise and extensive experience to not only design new operating models and organizations, but also to support clients realize the potential performance from implementing the changes, while embedding change capabilities into the entire organization to ensure sustainability of results not only in the short term but well …

Financial Institutions Transformation

The financial sector in countries affected by the broader economic crisis has been suffering from liquidity and credit risk problems as well as hits on the asset (investments) and liability (deposits) side of the bank balance sheets. This situation is leading to the adoption of radical measures involving the consolidation and rationalization of the banking system in combination with a stronger involvement of the state in exchange of recapitalization support via domestic or international funds.
The result of this situation is …

Integrated Restructuring

The economic crisis has certainly inflicted severe financial issues to a large number of enterprises while on the other hand, this fosters an opportunity for radical business restructuring with the purpose to:

develop the conditions for significant improvement in operating profitability and business activities
address issues of liquidity and ability to settle banking and other liabilities

Our integrated approach ensures that all critical aspects, financial, operational, strategic are taken into consideration in order to service our customers in areas such as:

restructuring of bank …

Technical Advisory Services

Further to infrastructure development services directly related to a project’s life cycle distinct phases, PGI provides a full range of Technical Advisory Services. Involving both public and private sector, these services address a wide range of needs at all stages of project life cycle, from preparation to monitoring and completion, indicatively including:

Formation of policies at national or regional level, ranging from standards of buildings for various uses and water quality to cadastre development;
Formation of sectoral strategies and policies, including the …

IT Solutions Delivery

IT consulting services offered by PLANET help its clients in designing and managing their IT strategy, architecture, services, projects, resources etc. as well as in addressing major problems deriving from the increased penetration of IT technologies in every day’s work. The provision of PLANET’s services is enhanced when combined with the implementation and deployment of specialised information management tools and/ or software solutions, which create added-value to these services. Our goal is to help our clients benefit from the advantages …

Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening

Capacity building is a process of change, affecting individuals, organisations and societies in a complex, interrelated manner. Although often supported by exogenous assistance, it is crucial that it leads to the achievement of development objectives, in a sustainable manner.
PLANET is committed to respond to a wide array of capacity building requirements, provided through national and international programmes and implemented through a multitude of shorter and longer term transformations. Our services include:

Institutional build-up: Development of legal and institutional frameworks in response …

Privatization Advisory

As a result of fiscal reform, deregulation or as a consequence of implementation of a “leaner” state structure, governments are implementing large scale or case specific privatization initiatives for property that includes corporate shareholdings, real estate or rights that comprise state assets.
The privatization life cycle includes distinct phases as follows:

Asset opportunity sizing and enabling
Investor attraction, selection and contracting
Change of control and transition into new ownership status

Across all of the above phases there are generally four key capabilities required:

Business/technical advisory
Financial/Transactional advisory
Legal/Regulatory …

Organizational Transformation

Organizational efficiency is an essential element in all transformation and performance improvement efforts. Redefining performance objectives and realigning organisation operations often presupposes its organisational restructuring. The question that regularly arises is which organisational structure is best to host organisation operations in a manner that will lead to improved performance in line with its strategy and prime business choices.
PGI Management Consulting team works closely with clients to tackle these challenges through the design of robust organisational structures that are fully aligned …

Design & Tender Management

Following completion of the preparatory stage, it is necessary to secure detailed design management and adequate support during planning phase of infrastructure projects, so that the respective tender is properly launched, attracting appropriate candidates for implementation.
Our expertise covers all comprehensive aspects of Design Management support, for a wide infrastructure / facility typology, involving:

Detailed project planning assessment and preliminary design & quality control;
Review of detailed design and control design output, evaluating constructability (value engineering);
Implementation plan elaboration/validation: time plan optimisation, identification …

Feasibility, Preparatory & Special Studies

Preparatory stage of infrastructure projects is critical, mainly involving assessment of their potential contribution at sectorial/ geographical level, the preferable construction method, and operation/ maintenance requirements. Those aspects are typically addressed through a range of studies (frequently accompanied by respective advisory services to project owners or beneficiaries), most notably comprising:

Project identification and definition studies;
(Pre)Feasibility studies, including where necessary visual reconnaissance or other field tasks (site studies);
Techno-economic studies such as Cost-Benefit Analysis or other financial/ socio-economic analyses, which may also include …